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Our Story

“The healthcare system only afforded me a few minutes with each patient.

It was never enough time to address their questions, so they understandably sought answers online. Most of the information was incorrect, poorly worded, abysmally negative, and scared them.

So I started writing.

The rest is history.”

Danielle Kelvas, MD, Chief Medical Editor & Founder

Our Vision

DKMD Consulting is dedicated to becoming the leading authority in providing professional, accurate, and engaging medical content that empowers businesses to succeed in healthcare markets by turning complex medical data into compelling narratives.

Our Mission

DKMD Consulting’s mission is to provide expert, industry-focused medical writing services that drive B2B and B2C client success in the healthcare market by delivering clear, compelling, and scientifically accurate medical content.

Meet The Team

Founder & Chief Medical Editor

Dr. Danielle Kelvas, MD earned her medical degree from Quillen College of Medicine at East Tennessee State University in Johnson City, TN. She served a term as the National Chair of Global Health for the American Medical Student Association (AMSA), regularly speaking to legislators on Capitol Hill (USA) to advocate for healthcare reform in the U.S., and published a global health program for medical students that is used by New York Medical College and AMSA. She began residency training in Emergency Medicine and later switched to Family Medicine. Dr. Kelvas has traveled, lived, and volunteered medically in over 40 countries. She has 16 years of global collaborative experience, having led multiple medical volunteer trips internationally. Dr. Kelvas has been writing for the past 11 years and is currently funded to write a novel. In her free time, she balances Crossfit with yoga, meditates, and plays with her Australian Retriever.

Oren Levin

Technical Officer​

Over the past 15 years, Oren has made a significant impact on the high-tech industry through roles requiring collaboration with diverse teams. His main focus has been enhancing processes for improved business efficiency, driven by a deep understanding of requirements and data-driven strategies. His experience spans third-party collaborations and launching processes from scratch. Additionally, Oren has pursued website creation as a professional passion for the last 10 years, diving deep into web design to deliver exceptional websites that align with client needs. This journey showcases his versatile skills and commitment to quality, blending process optimization expertise with creative web design.

Chief Financial Officer

Jessie Wade brings DKMD Consulting over two decades of financial leadership expertise. With an impressive track record of success in roles such as CFO, Deputy Treasurer, and VP of Finance, Wade has consistently demonstrated the ability to drive financial strategy, optimize treasury functions, and skillfully manage complex financial operations. Her educational background includes an MBA from the prestigious Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University which provides a solid foundation for the strategic decision-making and innovative problem-solving skills required in the financial world. Just as DKMD Consulting provides unparalleled expertise to the medical industry, Wade delivers the same mastery and proficiency to finance.

Ramesh Cheyne​


Ramesh earned a B.A. in English Literature from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. He specializes in crafting compelling copy that bridges the gap between businesses and their audiences. With a keen ear for understanding business intent, he excels in selecting the right words to amplify your message, driving growth and evolution in your market presence. His role extends beyond copywriting, encompassing talent acquisition and management, ensuring a harmonious and effective team dynamic. His hobbies include the dynamic world of AI, exploring its limitless possibilities and integrating this newfound passion into his work.


Mark Peters, PhD


Mark Peters is an English PhD who has written hundreds of articles, the book Bullshit: A Lexicon, and just about every type of copy imaginable, including comedy sketches, PR profiles, and white papers. His writing has appeared on everything from calendars to socks. Yes, socks.

In addition to working as a college writing instructor and naming consultant at a tech company, Mark has published articles in All About Beer, Bark, Chicago Magazine, The Chicago Reader, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Columbia Journalism Review, The Comics Journal, Cracked, Esquire, The Funny Times, History Magazine, Jack Kirby Collector, Mental Floss, Nerve, New Scientist, Psychology Today, Salon, Slate, The Writer, and Writer’s Digest.

Lisa R Gromer

Account Manager

Lisa has utilized her degree in Early Childhood Education with 25 years of ownership and operation of a large childcare facility. Later, after gaining another degree in Art History, Lisa opened an Art Studio. The jobs following led to a firm understanding of bookkeeping while working for a CPA firm, then onto a primary care clinic where Lisa was the office manager. Many years of owning and operating small businesses has proven to be instrumental in the integrity and dedication that Lisa shows in each job title she has had. Lisa and her spouse give back by volunteering in many organizations within their community, in Mid-Missouri. You will often find Lisa on a hiking trail or spending family time with children and grandchildren.

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