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We specialize in crafting meticulously accurate and targeted medical content that educates and drives substantial lead generation and revenue growth for your company.

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With trusted, professional medical writing, it’s time to cut through the noise of misinformation, build credibility, and position your organization as a reliable health information hub. (Plus, it’s a Google requirement)



  • Risk of Inaccuracies: Hiring non-medically trained writers may lead to inaccurate medical content due to a lack of familiarity with medical terminology and concepts.
  • Compliance and Ethical Risks: These writers might not understand the regulatory and ethical standards required in medical communications, posing risks of compliance breaches and misinformation.
  • Outdated or Misleading Content: Often lacking current knowledge of medical research, non-medically trained writers might produce misleading or obsolete content.

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Benefits of Professional Medical Writers

  • Expertise and Accuracy: Possess the necessary expertise to create accurate and clear medical content.
  • Ethical Compliance: Ensure adherence to ethical standards, maintaining compliance in medical communications.
  • Enhanced Credibility and Safety: Contribute to public health safety and enhance the credibility of the content.

What sets us apart

Vetted Professionals

We provide access to a team of medical experts who understand the nuances of your field. All medical content is reviewed and approved by a licensed medical professional.

High Quality

We provide enhanced credibility and engagement through professional and high quality medical documents.

More Time

We provide you time to focus on your core marketing & administrative objectives, while we produce the medical content.

Our Focus

  • Mission: Support B2B and B2C clients with expert, industry-focused medical writing services to enhance success in the healthcare market.
  • Quality Content Solutions: Offer clear, compelling, and scientifically accurate medical content to facilitate effective communication in the specialized healthcare field.
  • Engagement and Education: Turn complex medical concepts into compelling narratives that engage, educate, and inspire target audiences.
  • Goals: Consistently deliver high-quality content that enhances clients’ campaigns and supports their strategic health communication objectives.

our services

Medical Writing

Our highly qualified team, composed of health professionals, medical experts, and seasoned writers, prioritizes accuracy in every piece of information we disseminate.

Medically Review Content

Our medical professionals read & review, check citations, and provide feedback on medical content to give it a formal stamp of approval, whereby increasing its credibility and Google EEAT score.

White Papers

Showcase your expertise, generate quality leads, increase brand awareness, improve SEO, and enhance user engagement. Plus, white papers can be a slam dunk for improving credibility.


Efficiently and effectively communicate complex data in a visually compelling and easily digestible format, leading to improved comprehension, increased audience engagement, and enhanced brand reputation.

Our Process


Discovery Call

A 30 minute call where the team dives deep into your writing needs and goals.


Plan & Proposal

We customize various packages based on your budget and send you a detailed proposal.




Upon accepting a proposal, we execute a contract.


Rest & Relax

After signing a contract, our team hits the ground running writing your project!



Our team will revise your document, as needed, until you’re perfectly satisfied with your content.

every size. every industry.

our clients

our clients

Peter Cameron Firm
Peter Cameron Firm
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As a top contracting medical expert for our company, I have observed her exceptional communication skills, work ethic, and adaptability. I use Dr. Kelvas as an example to the rest of our medical experts on providing top-notch opinions that benefit our clients. She would be a valuable asset to any company that has the privilege of utilizing her services.
Candance Social Media Marketing
Read More
Dr. Kelvas was incredible to work with. She worked quickly and efficiently delivering exactly what was asked of her. Would work with her again and again!
RobMedical Expert for Sleep Blog
Read More
Danielle was a pleasure and wonderful to work with. She is highly qualified and I would be happy to recommend her
Tyler CEO of Mometic
Read More
Danielle is an adaptable and knowledgeable writer who sticks to the timeline she agrees to. She is thorough, honest, and flexible. If you need a physician-credentialed writer, my advice is, don't pass Dr. Kelvas up!
JustinAd campaign for niche medical services
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High quality writer with medical training. Would definitely hire again!

Your questions answered

Common questions

What are the qualifications of your medical writers?

Our writers possess advanced degrees in various healthcare fields and are supplemented by professional writing training, positioning them perfectly to handle complex medical content with dexterity.

With diverse and specialized backgrounds, our writers cover an expansive range of healthcare disciplines ensuring we have an expert familiar with your particular field.

Absolutely, we have a scalable team that can smoothly manage and deliver on large volume projects without compromising on quality or timeliness.

We employ a stringent multi-level review process, cross-verifying facts with reputable sources, and ensuring readability by applying best industry practices in plain language writing.

Indeed, we prioritize the use of reliable, authoritative, and peer-reviewed sources for all our research, ensuring the highest credibility for your content.

Definitely, we work closely with you to understand your brand’s voice and tailor our writing style to seamlessly match, offering a consistent brand experience.

Turnaround time varies based on project specifics but rest assured, we prioritize efficient operations without compromising quality, ensuring you get your content on time. Generally, we request a minimum of 2 weeks on projects, depending on the size and amount of research required. If you need it sooner, we can certainly figure it out!

Yes, our pricing includes a stipulated number of revisions (2, if needed). Our aim is to create content that meets your satisfaction and we consider revisions as a part of this mission.

Data privacy is paramount to us; we adhere to a strict data protection policy and use secure platforms for data exchange, ensuring confidentiality is never compromised.

Our writers are trained in ethical guidelines and legal requirements in medical writing, ensuring the content we produce for you is not just compelling, but also compliant.

We tailor the language complexity, tone, and terminologies based on the intended audience, whether it’s medical professionals, patients, or general readers, ensuring the message is clear and impactful.

Our expert writers skillfully adapt jargon into understandable language when targeting layman readers while maintaining technical accuracy when writing for professionals.

Yes, as a part of our service, we aim for optimal web visibility by incorporating best SEO practices.

All of our content is written by real people and not AI generated. The starting cost is 50 cents per word, but we prefer to negotiate monthly packages that are specifically tailored to your blog and content needs to ensure that relevant topics are promoting your ultimate company goals.

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